Australia Takes a Step Forward: Proposed Crypto Licensing Framework

The cryptocurrency industry in Australia is on the verge of significant regulatory changes as Senator Andrew Bragg introduces the Digital Assets (Markets Regulation) Bill 2023. This draft legislation aims to establish a comprehensive crypto licensing regime, requiring cryptoasset exchanges, stablecoin issuers, and crypto custodians to obtain licenses before operating in the country. The proposed framework reflects global trends in crypto regulation and aims to align Australia with other jurisdictions, such as the European Union.

Crypto Licensing Requirements

Under the proposed legislation, crypto exchanges would need to obtain a license before registering in Australia, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Similarly, stablecoin issuers and crypto custodians would face regulatory oversight. These measures are designed to enhance consumer protection and mitigate potential risks associated with the cryptocurrency market.

The introduction of a crypto licensing regime is a significant step towards aligning Australia with global regulatory approaches. By implementing a comprehensive framework, Australia seeks to join other jurisdictions that have already implemented similar measures. This move is crucial for maintaining international competitiveness and fostering investor confidence in the country's crypto industry.

The Labor Party's Stance

While Senator Bragg is leading the charge for crypto regulation, the support from the majority Labor Party remains uncertain. It is essential for all stakeholders to engage in constructive discussions to ensure the legislation's success to ensure Australia remains a hub for global Web 3, crypto and blockchain innovation.


The proposed Digital Assets (Markets Regulation) Bill 2023 marks a pivotal moment for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Australia. The introduction of a crypto licensing regime reflects the country's commitment to fostering a safe and transparent crypto environment. By aligning with global regulatory standards, Australia aims to create a robust framework that balances innovation with consumer protection. The ongoing discussions and collaboration among lawmakers, industry participants, and stakeholders will play a crucial role in shaping the final legislation and shaping the future of the Australian crypto industry.

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